Starting to be more fun!

I have definitely seen a difference in the larger Cavapoos versus the regular-sized pups.

I have a friend who raises German Shepherds and know of another breeder who raises Bull Terriers and both breeds are much more “advanced” at a younger age. For instance, my regular-sized Cavapoos are not ready for treats and clicker introduction at three-four weeks like her Bull Terriers. And my German Shepherd friend has puppies that start eating mushy food at three weeks!

So I assumed these larger Cavapoos would fall into the same categories as these larger breed dogs and start things sooner. But it seems to be the opposite. They were not at all interested in food until they were older. In fact, they’d still rather nurse off mom and they’re six weeks old!

They weren’t too adventurous either with wanting to play or interact with each other or humans until recently. Now they’re starting to get fun! And these next few weeks are going to be busier and very entertaining I imagine.

Solstice the still the biggest pup. But the rest of pretty solid, chunky little bodies.

5# 8 oz

5# 2oz


6# 6oz

5# 8oz

Going outside for pictures. Hi, Cajsa!

Going for some playtime in the grass after pictures.

Back inside to meet “grandpa”.

Now for some playtime in the puppy room.


All worn out!


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  1. furbabyneeded says:

    A couple of them have pretty big paws compared to the regular pups

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