This is insane!

You guys we have some heat during the summer but it’s usually in August. And we may have only a few days here and there of around 100+ degree weather.

This weather forecast is scary! Look at the estimated temps, and for a whole week! The weather in central California where I grew up isn’t even expected to be that hot for the same week. :O

I basically become useless and very grumpy in this kind of weather 😛

But my concern is the dogs. Since we don’t have a lot of hot weather we only have a small window air conditioner in the house. And the puppy room (since it’s upstairs) gets warmer than any other part of the house. Normally I open windows at night to cool things down then close them and the shades, plus have the big fan going to keep things as cool as possible on warm days. But I don’t think that will work with these temperatures. I may just move these little rascals into the kitchen/dining area full time for the week.

And we don’t have an air conditioner in the dog house because hubby didn’t wire it for that kind of appliance. But we do have fans that will be going constantly. And the dogs will go out to potty in the “coolest” parts of the day.

And I’m going to start now and break out the “pupsicle” molds and start freezing popsicles for the dogs so I have a good supply by this weekend!



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  1. Claudia Knauss says:

    What’s in a pupsicle? Sounds like a great idea in this crazy heat!

    • I just take a small plastic container and fill with water or broth, then add dog treat, fruit, chunks of cheese, etc and freeze into a small block. Then give it to the dogs as a cool, tasty treat to chew on.

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