Just another day in paradise

I really do love what I do (even though most of the time I’m exhausted) 😛

So today we continue what we do most days, enjoying the puppies, plus cleaning, feeding and the necessary things. There are puppy packets to finish and pack in the truck for Sunday, more popsicles to make (I’m trying to stock up before the really hot weather hits) and other mundane tasks (cooking and cleaning).

Love me some Smudgie babies!🥰

Her frosted curls are to die for❤️

Big brother, little brother snuggles.

Zenith has found her forever finally. It was tough. There were so many great applicants!❤️

Five minutes after I put this little tunnel down look who totally rocked it!


Ball pit fun!

Getting those bags ready!

Collecting pupsicles in a big freezer bag.

And making more!

For anyone interested, I just get little containers, add water or broth, then throw in chopped fruits, veggies, chunks of cheese, chicken, dog treats or whatever you have handy, then freeze! I’m not filling these containers full so they’ll freeze faster and I can make more.

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