Puppy deliveries

Today was long, hot and a lot of fun! It was a great bunch of people and puppies. I don’t think the smiles could’ve been any bigger. 😀 And when I handed Rosemary to her excited, young owner tears welled up in her eyes, which made some of the rest of us weepy. It was special.

I found the only shade tree in the parking lot when I arrived and quickly claimed the spot (even though it technically wasn’t a parking spot). The first group of four families arrived (I split the litter into two small groups) and we were able to enjoy the shade through most of the presentation where I went over puppy paperwork, instructions etc.

But by the time I finished with the second group and we wanted to give the pups a chance to stretch their legs and potty, the sun had moved and there went most of our shade.

I pulled out the mat and put it on the bed of the truck so the pups wouldn’t have to walk on the hot, black bedliner. And the patio umbrella I had picked up a few weeks prior fit perfectly in the stake pockets (I had to look up what those square holes on the edge of the truck bed were called). 😉 It shaded a good portion of the bed so the pups would be more comfortable while they pottied.

And then it was time to go!

Oregano now Remi

Fennel now Lucy

Lavender now Asha

Rosemary now Pepper

Basil now Dexter

Tarragon now Tokyo

Marjoram now Minnie

Parsley now Brownie

Happy life, puppies!


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