Flag day puppies!

Our youngest litter of Cavapoos from Smudgie and Bonus are three weeks old today. They are petite little Cavapoos and I would guess end up on the smaller size. Smudgie is not  a big Cavalier. She is about 11.5″ tall and maybe 15 lbs. Bonus is probably about 11 3/4-12″ tall and about 11 lbs. The pups all seem to have a build/size similar to their parents.

And since they were born on Flag Day, it gave me an easy theme to run with! Here they are at three weeks of age!

“Wave”~black & tan female

1# 9 oz

“Glory”~tricolor female

1# 11 oz

“Banner”~tricolor male

1# 4 oz

Just a reminder if you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in being added to this litter’s list for Puppy Matching Day, please shoot me an email so I can add your name to Smudgie’s litter list. Puppy Matching day is Sunday, July 18th and Puppy Delivery Day is Sunday, August 15th. Please make sure these days work for your schedule before being asked to be added to the list. There have been times that people want on a list, get matched with a puppy then decide their schedule doesn’t have time for a puppy and back out. So talk with your significant other (or yourself 😉 )and make sure you have time and energy before getting on a list. Thanks bunches!



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