The Poodles

And a day after Smudgie’s puppies turned three weeks old so did our Poodle puppies! Of course the little one is still much smaller than the rest of the litter but he’s gaining and growing! And all of their little peeepers are now open!

And we have names. Okay, so I went a little silly on this group and it’s because of itty bitty boy. Remember how scrawny he looked at birth with his no fat on him, bulgy eyes, pointy little muzzle and all. I said he reminded me of a baby squirrel.

Which got me to thinking about “famous” squirrels and that’s how the theme came about.

So here they are at three weeks…

“Manny”~Apricot male

2# 3 oz

“Diego”~Cream male

1# 13 oz

“Scrat~Cream male (our tiny guy)

15.5 oz

“Syd(ney)”~Apricot female

1# 14 oz

The female will most likely be staying here with me as I bred this litter in hope’s of keeping one/some for future parents. I also may keep a male. They only puppy that is definitely available (to a special, approved home) is our littlest guy. But if you are interested in a purebred Poodle puppy please reach out to me via email ( We do not have a Poodle waiting list so anyone can reach out about these puppies!

And another comparison of our biggest and smallest ❤️

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