What a week

Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the blog these past few days. I thought I’d catch you up on things! This could turn into a long post…

Sunday was our Puppy Delivery Day for Aurora’s puppies! Only four of the five went home that day since one person could not meet us on Sunday.

So it was another late Saturday night getting the puppies bathed and tucked in bed for an early morning start.

We made it! And thankfully I found the only shady spot again to set up for puppy deliveries. After going through our puppy packets and paperwork it was time for the families to receive their new puppies! (my favorite part)

Eclipse; name to be decided.

Comet has kept his name!

Solstice; name to be decided.

Zenith is now Minnie Mai.

After puppy deliveries I did a little shopping. If you’ve never perused through Ross for dog toys, you’re missing out! (although sometimes there are lots of choices and other times not). I hadn’t been in since pre-lockdown so it was fun to go searching.

I found a “few” things. And this was before I was done shopping…(*insert cheesy grin)

After finding fun dog toys, I headed to Costco for people food.

And look what I found there! This is going to be so handy in the puppy room. It’s like a grooming table on wheels (I added a non-slip mat for the table top for puppies to stand on)! There are a couple basket shelves underneath for baby wipes, dewormer, syringes and other items that are usually stacked on the window sill upstairs since I don’t have a big, flat surface. So this will make a handy work area and with the wheels I can just move it around the room or tuck it away when not in use. Score!!

Monday these little cutie Cavapoos turned four weeks old so it was picture day!




These guys will be matched this Sunday with their forever families. If you’re on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested in this litter, available for a phone a call on Sunday and can meet in Spokane on August 15th, please email me before noon tomorrow to be added to their litter list.

Later that afternoon I bathed our last Aurora puppy and headed to Spokane again.

Nova’s owner’s flight was delayed so we had plenty of time for potty breaks and even went for a short drive to kill time once we got to the airport and found out about the delay.

Then we went inside to wait and find him.

All snuggled in with his new dad.

The late drive home was pleasant as the sky gave quite a show!

Tuesday the Poodles turned four weeks old. Aren’t they cute! It looks like all three boys will be available and we do not have a waiting list. If you are interested please fill out our puppy application forms and mention you are interested in a boy Poodle puppy.

The new table came in handy for weighing puppies that morning.




Scrat~he so little, he’s almost lost in that wagon!

But look! He’s over a pound now!

That afternoon I was on the road again! I had veterinary exams lined up for two more of our young adult “ladies”; Cami and Sally.

I also took Lucy along because a lady who was interested in adopting her was meeting me at the vet to meet Lucy. They seemed to get along great. Unfortunately, the lady didn’t want to take her until September. I’d rather Lucy be in a retirement home sooner that that. So if anyone is interested in Lucy (mini female purebred Poodle) please contact me via email for more information.

Wednesday morning rolled around and hubby wasn’t feeling well. He said he had a rough night and his stomach hurt. So he rested all day Wednesday as I tried to get liquid into him. (He did have a slight fever part of the day too). I kept poking and prodding and asking hime questions. Well, as he was rubbing his stomach when he got to the lower right side and pushed a bit, he winced pretty good. I said, “That’s your appendix”. But he’s not one to run to the doctor on a moment’s notice. He was feeling better later in the day (although I was starting to feel a little off…sore throat, headache. Goodness me, we’re all falling apart!)

This morning he was feeling better and was up and about more, but that soreness in his right side was still there. (Of course, we’d been picking the brains of all the nurses in the family this whole time). So he finally decided to drive himself to the hospital this afternoon to get checked out. (I didn’t go with him because I didn’t know if they’d let me in).

I stayed home with this dry, sore throat, stuffy nose and headache. Everything is so dry and dusty right now. And unfortunately it’s forest fire season again and there are several on the reservation. Thankfully we are not in any immediate danger but we are getting enough smoke that we have to keep the windows closed. So I’m sure allergy issues are my problem.

And hubby, well he needs his appendix taken out. They were going to do surgery tonight, but then found out the surgeon wouldn’t be finished with another surgery until 10pm. So hubby now has to sit there overnight and have his done in the morning!

And so that’s how the week has gone and why you haven’t heard much from me!








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  1. Didi says:

    Holy cow!

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    WOW. You make my crazy life look calm. Good luck to hubby—hope they do it laparoscopically and he’ll be up in a jiffy. And hope you feel better. Pups are to die for as per usual. And who made that cart (manufacturer). I certainly could use that too with my crew.

  3. Peggy Holmaas says:

    Thoughts and prayers your way!

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