Saturday snapshots

Today was sunny with a little breeze. It did get up into the mid-90’s but most of the day was pleasant. The dogs got to spend some free time outside in the fresh air. The big puppies are spending their last day playing, having crate time and just being their usually silly selves!

The little puppies are just starting to interact with each other and do some playing together. This is the stage when they start mouthing each other’s faces. It just adorable!

We moved each mom and her babies into a small puppy pen in the living room. It gives “mom” more space if she wants to stretch out away from her babies. And we’ve introduced the UGOdog litter box system for the pups to start toddling over and using. And they are!

And we have a visitor for a bit! Sally is staying with us while her paw-rents are busy with some family activities. This works out perfectly because I have check-ups scheduled for her and Cami this next week at the vet. Fingers crossed that they have great check-ups as this will be the first step in seeing if these girls will become future Cavapoo (F1b) moms. (For those who don’t know, Sally is a Cavapoo who lives with my sis-in-law (our nearest neighbor) and is the daughter of Amber and Justice.)

And these two did what they do best today….zzzzz.


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  1. Ryan Gaylord says:

    So much cuteness! Do the cuddle cavapoos seem a lot larger than the cavapoos?

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