The start of the week

Well, Sunday we were able to match all three of Smudgie’s adorable Cavapoos pups! Congrats to their new,  forever families!

Yesterday it was time for Joy’s beauty treatment as she nears her delivery date.

And since I groomed and bathed her, I thought I might start doing some other grooms and baths. Dickens and Clancy also got done.

So this week were on puppy watch! Look at that full tummy!

Today these curly cuties are five weeks old. Little Scrat our preemie is just adorable. He feisty and playful. He’s growing, but still very tiny compared to his littermates. But he’s now 2 lbs and the same size as Banner! So he may end up being big enough to go home when his littermates do!

I’ve had some interest in him, but no applications.

I am keeping the girl, Syd. But all three of our boy Poodles are available. These are purebred mini Poodles! If anyone is interested please feel free to reach out to me soon!



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