My little pig pen

This little monster (I mean that in a kind way, every puppy seems to get a nick name here) is keeping me on my toes!

She is a happy-go-lucky, funny puppy! She races through the house and is constantly trying to lick my feet and chew on my toes (part of the danger of summer and going barefoot). She loves to go out in the yard and find things to chew on (right now it’s dead grass, sticks and dried weeds). She can be playing one minute and then crashed on the floor the next.

And she loves playing in water!

This is what my floor looks like after she’s done at the water dish. And that’s just near the dish. Then there are wet foot prints all over the floor. Silly girl.

Today hubby and I were out in the garden with our water monster 😉 She hopped up in the raised beds with the tomatoes and found a puddle of water on the plastic. She pawed at it then laid down and wallowed in it! She was a mess! And she was so happy about it….haha

What a pig pen. Her tail looks like it belongs on a rat!

After having her fun, I scooped her up and headed to the laundry room and a bath.

Soooo dirty! I scrubbed and scrubbed that little body to get the dirt out.

All done

Air drying on the front porch

Now she’s all clean again.

And just like I instruct my puppy families, Indy has her own Iris pen set up in the dining area. She has a crate, litter box, toys and her water. This is where she is when I am too busy to watch her. The back door is right next to the pen, so if she gets fidgety like she needs to potty, I can quickly take her out. But if I’m not nearby she has the litter box to use if she needs it.

She has the biggest, fluffiest bed that will fit in her crate.

But this is usually where she crashes…..🤦‍♀️

Remember when I stopped at Ross after the last puppy delivery?

Well, I found this two-pack of bumpy bones. They are perfect for smearing with cream cheese or peanut butter. I just pop them in the freezer and it makes a fun, cold treat for her to lick and chew on when I want to keep her busy with something for a while.

This is another thing I like to do with puppies. Instead of just giving them a bowl of food, why not “hide” their food in something so they have to kind of work at it. It gives them a little mental stimulation and keeps them busy for a while. The stuff-able item or game/toy should be age appropriate. You don’t want to hide your puppy’s food in something that they can’t master and frustrate them. The cow hoof is a great starter stuff-able.

I just fill it with her puppy food, then smear a layer of cream cheese or peanut butter on top to hold the kibble in, wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the freezer.

You can see she is really enjoying it and ate up her kibble quickly once she licked the top layer off.

And that’s what little Indy is up to these days! <3

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