A recap and current situation.

This summer has been crazy to say the least!

First hubby ended up in the hospital and had to have his appendix removed. One week later he got sick with the ‘rona! A few days later it hit me and I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. Three litters were born while I was there. And then almost a week to the day that I got home from the hospital our “local” fire which has been burning for three weeks, took off and we’re sitting at a level two evacuation notice.

*If you’re not familiar with fire evac notices. Level one is be aware, Level two is get ready to go, and Level three means “leave now”.*

We are not in any immediate danger, but preparing and organizing just in case we do have to move everyone. When you have horses, dogs, puppies, cats and chickens plus people and personal belongings it takes a bit more preparation to get ready to go. Thankfully we have two trucks, a two horse trailer and a three horse trailer to move critters. I don’t think we’ll have to leave unless we get some drastic weather changes. The fire is about 1.5 miles west of us, but seems to be moving more northeast. Prayers are appreciated though. My son is working on structure protection in a neighboring area that are at Level three.

Meanwhile life continues and we still have babies to tend too. Joy, Oakley, Amber and Raven are all amazing moms and doing a great job of fattening up those babies!

And our Poodles (two boys, Diego and Scrat are still looking for their forever homes) are doing good. I’m working on crate and potty training with them. They’ve had some playtime outside in the covered area. But today I took them out in the big back yard and turned them loose! Indy was outside too so it was a bit chaotic. She was so excited to have friends to play with. The only trouble is she is a lot older and plays rougher. But since there were four pups she didn’t have time to concentrate on only one. Plus I was there to make sure she didn’t get too rough. Boy, did they all have fun!

When they say Cajsa and Cody at the fence they happily ran over to greet them with no hesitation.

Excuse our poor, sad yard. We don’t have enough water to have grass and keep things green all year. So by August it’s just dead grass and what green weeds can survive on their own.

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    Bless you all

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