Fresh apricots!

Who doesn’t like fresh apricots (the fruit, actually me…bhahaha!) but when they are plump, adorable apricot Cavapoos I’ll take one any day!

Amber’s babies are two weeks old today and here are some fresh pictures and a little intro video. They are all 1# 8 or 9 ounces. And their eyes are open!

It was a little hard getting them lined up for pictures as they just want to snuggle in a pile.

Aren’t they yummy? <3

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6 Responses to Fresh apricots!

  1. Sandra Anne Bayliss says:

    I would love a puppy, that breed is so hard to get in hawaii. I’m not even sure of the first step. Can I get on a waiting list?

  2. Abraham Pena says:

    adorable! has your wait-list opened up yet? thanks

  3. Claudia Knauss says:

    They are the yummiest! If you’ve never owned a cavapoo, no words can do justice to those soulful eyes, loving kisses and companionship at a level you can only imagine. Can’t WAIT til Spring when we can bring a Pinewood lovely into our new home. These pups are the best dogs imaginable, and Jennifer gives them the greatest start in life. Looking so forward to being a “forever home” again to what I honestly believe is the greatest breed on earth!

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