They’re so hot!

I couldn’t help myself. I did it again. We have used this theme one other “fiery” summer. And I’m using it again, because well, in a word “wildfires”.

Here are Joy’s lovely babies at 4 weeks of age. They are doing well. Starting to try the soaked puppy food and using their Ugodog litter box. I’ll probably switch them to the plastic container with the pellets in a day or so. They are starting to interact with each other and me more, but mom is still their “Number One”!

I will start to get more videos of them interacting, exploring the living room and playing so we can all watch them. (If you’re not already following and subscribed to our YouTube channel you’ll want to do that to keep up on the videos. “Pinewood Kennels Cavapoos”)

“Wildfire”~red male (blue collar)

2# 14 oz

“Flash”~apricot male (green collar)

1# 14 oz

“Tinder”~apricot female (purple collar)

2# 10 oz

“Kindle”~red female (pink collar)

2# 7 oz

“Flame”~apricot female (orange collar)

2# 4 oz

“Ashes”~apricot female (white collar)

2# 6 oz


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