I love “cow” puppies!

Some of you may have seen this on my Facebook page yesterday. My son made notes as he was delivering Raven’s babies. Look what he wrote! Bhahahah…that cracked me up!

So here are Raven’s F1b Cavapoo puppies at two weeks. Their eyes are not quite open yet and they are a bit smaller than Amber’s pups at the same age. But I would expect that because Raven is compact Cavapoo. These guys are weighing anywhere from 13.7 ounces (the smallest tricolor male) to 1# 5 oz (the brown phantom male).

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4 Responses to Moooooo!

  1. Risa Wilson says:

    Is there any update of when the waiting list will open up?

    • No, I’m sorry. We might have an update after our current litters are matched..maybe

      • Risa Wilson says:

        Cannot wait to get my hands on one of those little guys. They are so beautiful and I am so looking forward to getting on that list and at some point bringing a puppy home. I’m glad to hear that your household is recovering from covid. I hope you’re safe from the fires. Thank you for getting back to me.

      • The fires have calmed down for now. Thanks!

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