Out and about with Joy babies

Joy’s puppies are adventuring out and about in the living room now. Sometimes they stick close to home (the puppy pen) and sometimes they wander a little further away. I’m sure each day they will venture out a bit farther and start investigating their surroundings more and more!

Just a reminder, we will be matching this litter to their forever families one week from today on Sunday, August 29th.

These are the names of the people from our Cavapoo waiting list that have reached out with interest in this litter. The names are in the order they are from the main Cavapoo waiting list. This could still change. If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in this litter, please email me by noon on Friday!

  • Julie K
  • Heather Y
  • Jenise S
  • Anna K
  • Georgia & Matthew C
  • Kelsey E
  • Logan R
  • Sheena H
  • Linda F
  • Jessica S

I will post as many pictures and videos this week of Joy’s babies so those that are interested can start figuring out who their favorites are.  <3


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