Fun in the garden

We took the Poodles out to the garden. Boy, oh boy did they have a blast! They got the zoomies, hopped in and out of the garden boxes, tasted some plants, crawled all over Cajsa, chased Tyler and crawled all over Millie. It was quite the puppy “party”!

And yes, they all are still here. Manny and Diego will be leaving on Thursday. Little Scrat is still looking for his forever family. I would love to get him in his own home sooner rather than later so if anyone knows someone that would be interested please send them my way.

Scrat has had a thorough exam by the vet, his first vaccinations, stool sample checked, uses a litter box and we’re working on crate and potty training with him. He will probably mature around twelve-ish pounds, he’s outgoing, friendly, adventurous and just a fun little character! I know he’d make someone an awesome doggie companion. <3

Syd (the only girl) now named Summer is staying here with us. (yes, I did that. We now have a Summer and a Winter). ;P

So much fun!


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