To those on our Cavapoo waiting list

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to send out a reminder about the puppy matching process.  (And I hope everyone on our Cavapoo waiting list read this. I’ve tried sending out group emails, but sometimes people do not get them because they get dumped in spam folders!)

Once you have officially gotten on the Cavapoo waiting list (sent the application and the application fee) it is your “job” to watch the blog for information about current litters and reach out to me (via email) anytime you are interested in a litter and the timing (puppy matching and pick up day) work for you. I will not contact you about a puppy unless you have let me know you are interested in a particular litter. You can also be added to more than one litter. For instance we have Joy, Amber and Raven’s litter of Cavapoo currently here and I have started litter lists of people from the list that have reached out to me with interest.

Why do we do things this way? Well, in years past it would take weeks to match a litter as I started at the top of the list and tried contacting every single person. Some would respond right away, some never got back to me but I would wait a while to give them a chance to respond before I moved on, and some would get back to me saying they weren’t interested anymore or “found a puppy elsewhere” and failed to ask me to remove them from my list. The old process was so time-consuming and could be quite frustrating. (*Note: please if you have already gotten a puppy or no longer want to be on our list let me know so I can remove your name.)

With our new stream-lined process I’m only calling those that I know are interested in the particular litter that I’m matching, plus I know they are available for a phone call on Puppy Matching Day and are available to meet me on Puppy Delivery day. And we’re able to get the whole litter matched in one day! It has saved so much time and made things so much easier on my end.

So again, that means if you are interested in a certain litter I need to hear from you, please. I can’t match you with a puppy if I don’t know you are interested in a certain litter or if the timing works for you.

(I understand our Canadian friends have not been able to reach out for a long time and are still in limbo with the border closure.)

Some of the last people that got on in October when we last opened for new applications have hesitated to reach out thinking they don’t have a chance. But you never know until you try. There have already been several people from those October applications that have been matched with a puppy.

So if you’re on our Cavapoo waiting list and interested in a litter please reach out!

And for those who have been following along waiting for the list to reopen, I’m sorry but the list is still pretty full so I don’t have a projected reopening date. So we are not accepting any applications at this time. But maybe I’ll have a better idea once our current litters are matched.

Thanks everyone!

(If anyone has any questions you can email me at


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