The big day

Today was the day! Today our Poodle boys went home. And it was my first “big” trip after being laid up for a while. It was so nice to be able to meet people again and kiss those puppy faces before they left.

As I normally do, I bathed the pups the night before, cleaned ears, and trimmed toenails. My plan was to use the clippers and give them their first haircuts too (just the face, feet and a “sanitary trim” around the bum.) I had purchased a brand new (kind of expensive!) pair of clippers that my groomer recommenced a few weeks back. It comes with a blade, but it’s super short so I ordered a different blade for normal haircuts. Unfortunately, my Amazon account says the blade arrived but I have no idea if it accidentally got thrown out with the box, envelop or whatever it came in. So I scrounged around and found the another blade but when I went to give the babies their haircut the blade was obviously dull and wouldn’t go through their hair. Argh! So off they went to bed still furry.

Morning came too early as I made sure they got breakfast early enough to settle in their tummies before hitting the windy road out of here. I remember another clipper blade I had and snapped it on the clippers. Here goes! I tried it first on Summer and it worked perfect. I didn’t have a lot of time so they all got quick (but far from perfect!) little trims at about six-thirty this morning.

And then one last potty break before loading in the truck.

Everything went well and we arrived in Spokane with plenty of time to potty puppies before meeting their families.

Now I have to tell you a little back story. Manny’s mom was the first to call and pick out her boy. She asked if I could keep him a bit longer because they were leaving soon for their daughter’s wedding that weekend. Well, the weekend rolled around and I got a phone call from her while she was at her daughter’s wedding! (Hopefully it was actually before or after it…hehehe). She asked me if Diego was still available because her good friend was interested. And it ended up working out for them to be matched with Diego.And they’re keeping the name Diego since they were in San Diego when she found out about him!

Here the boys are with their new families. They already have their first playdate scheduled!

And one with just the “guys”.

Just a few days ago I got another call from a lady that is friends with one of our Cavapoo families. She had heard about little Scrat and was super interested. It didn’t take long to get her application, review it, chat with her and know this was the perfect fit for Scrat!

Scrat with his new family. He is going to have so much fun. These ladies have the coolest Winnibago van that they like to travel in so Scrat is looking forward to many adventures with them! And they’re keeping his name. <3

All three pups.

This pilot stopped by the truck to say “hi” to the puppies. She saw us in the parking lot from her hotel window! She said the pups made her day. <3

After going over puppy paperwork, answering questions, taking family photos and all, we let the boys play a bit more and have another potty break before heading to their respective homes.

These two were just chilling in the shade. Looks like they’re ready for a nap on their way home!

Happy life puppies! <3


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4 Responses to The big day

  1. Kim Kline says:

    Your weekly puppy roundups always make my day! They’re the first email I open as I cruise through the list. The joy that you, your sweet pups, and your family stories bring to your puppy fans is indescribable. We cherish our sweet Pinewood Cavapoo “Cookie” more than words can say!..she’s a joyful little rascal and full of the same love and sweetness that she was born into.
    I’m glad you’re well again and regaining your superwoman strength. Sending hugs and love from Kim and Cookie!🥰❤️

  2. Christina says:

    Such handsome boys!!

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