Joy’s bunch

Joy’s Cavapoos turned five weeks old yesterday and they are just so stinking’ cute! Here are their five-week-old pictures and current weights. Most of these guys should end up in the normal 15 or 18-20ish lb range except Flash. He is smaller build, bone and his head is more petite. I think he will be smaller, possibly 12-15 lbs. These are just educated guesses and there’s not guarantee on size.


3# 10 oz


2# 7 oz


3# 8 oz


2# 14 oz




2# 15 oz

We went out to the front porch to do pictures and I still had a small exercise pen set up on the “grass” in front of the porch so I decided to let them have their first adventure outdoors. I climbed in the pen with them so they’d feel more secure. At first they weren’t sure what was going on, but it didn’t take long for them to be romping around the grass and crawling all over my lap!

We will be matching these puppies on Sunday. Here is the final list of names I have in the order I’ll be calling. If you asked to be put on this list and don’t see your name please reach out ASAP. If you are one of the top three check your email before Sunday as I may start reaching out sooner then Sunday morning. 🙂

  • Julie K
  • Beverly W
  • Heather Y
  • Jenise S
  • Anna K
  • Georgia & Matthew C
  • Kelsey E
  • Logan R
  • Suzy L
  • Jerda S
  • Sheena H
  • Linda F
  • Jessica S
  • Jenny W


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