When it rains it keeps raining

Boy, the crazy summer just keeps going! I don’t have any Saturday snapshots today but a couple stories instead of some urgent vet visits we’ve had in the past week.

Last Sunday, our son Tyler walked to his grandparents house to help his uncle with something. Scruffles the Cavapoo went too. Grandpa has a big shop with a two-story apartment attached at one end where the uncle lives. Inside the shop is a wooden staircase with a landing that leads to a second floor storage area where Tyler was carrying some things to put in storage. Scruffles starting following him up the stairs and Tyler told him to stay. But Scruffles decided to follow and Tyler had his arms full. Scruff got to the landing, looked over the edge, and jumped!!

That’s right. He jumped from the second floor to the ground floor. He landed on all four feet, but with the force of the jump the legs gave way and he also hit his chest on the concrete floor where he gave out a cry. Tyler got to him as quick as he could, scooped him up and rushed home where we checked out the lucky dog. His gums were a good color and he was walking normally. We called the vet who was out on her way to a farm call. She mentioned what to watch for, okayed some pain medicine and we were to call if we saw any changes. The kids made plans to drop him off in the morning for the doctor to check over thoroughly.

And do you know, that dog is perfectly fine. No sign of injury, just a little sore. Amazing! If he were a cat, he just used up one of his nine lives!

Urgent vet visit number two came today. A few days ago I noticed Ben limping, which is not unusual as he is getting up in age and acts like he’s got some arthritis at times. Some days, he’ll limp a bit and the next day he acts perfectly fine. So I didn’t think a lot of it, but started him on some pain meds. But yesterday while he was on his bed on the front porch I noticed he was licking his hock.  I went up to him and put my hand on it and I could feel that there was definite swelling. My thought was he probably twisted it as he was running through the woods and sprained or strained something.

So I made a call to the vet office. They are swamped and down one vet because she’s out on maternity leave so the next regular appointment was two weeks out. Well, we weren’t waiting that long! They do have slots for urgent cases figured into each day, but they don’t schedule them ahead of time. So I had to wait and call this morning and get placed into one of their “urgent” time slots.

Thankfully they were able to get him in around 11:oo am. Reba decided she wanted to go for a ride too, so I loaded she and Ben up and off we went.

When we arrived we checked in then the girls took Ben in for his exam. The doctor came out shortly after. She had examined the area and aspirated something from the area to look at under the microscope. She said it was not an abscess and what she pulled out was not from a lipoma (fatty tumor) and that there were some weird looking cells in it. Unfortunately, she is leaning towards the lump being a sarcoma. 🙁 That’s not good news for our Benny-Boy.

So he is now scheduled for surgery on September 7th. The doctor took an X-ray today and can clearly see the joint which didn’t look like the lump was involved there. She will try to remove as much of the lump as possible although it may be tricky to get clear margins around it because of where it’s at. Then it will be sent off for a biopsy and we’ll go from there with our next plan of attack.

So please keep Ben in your thoughts. He is such an asset on our farm here and does such a good job of keep predators away, plus we love the big, slobbery boy! A hate to think we might lose him sooner rather than later. Although for a giant breed he is getting up in age at eight and one half years.


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  1. Didi says:

    Prayers to sweet Ben ❤️

  2. Prayers for Ben’s body to heal completely & thanks for Jennifer’s education skills sharing not just about cavapoos but how the big dogs protect and love on them, too! Thanks to Cajsa and beautiful Ben, the gentle giant!

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