Puppy fun and education

Joy’s puppies were all matched with their excited forever families on Sunday. They pups are growing and learning everyday. In the morning when after I let mama I feed the pups their soaked puppy food in their crate. I closed the door and leave them for a bit while I clean litter boxes, and sweep the floor. As they’re eating, I’m playing sounds for them from the puppy sound app on my phone to get them used to different noises. My dog clippers are upstairs so I pick those up and turn them on near the pups so they get used to the nose of the clippers. And hubby usually goes into the puppy room once a day to vacuum. And he uses a shop vac! So the puppies are hearing lots of vacuum noises!

They are having fun playing and exploring in their new little play area. And enjoying all the new toys and things they’re being introduced too. This is such a busy, fun time for puppies!

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