Poodle updates

I know a lot of you followed our Poodle litter for weeks, so I thought you’d like to hear updates on them

I got a wonderful update from Scrat’s moms the day after he went home.


Thank you so much for Scrat! We love him! 
He was the best puppy on the way home. We stopped three times to let him out of the crate so he could run around inside the camper. He slept whenever he was in his crate. He only fussed for about 5 minutes when we got started.
He played awhile when he got home then, he had a great night. He was so tired! He likes his new area and has been using his litter box!
Thanks for doing such a great job raising puppies! I hope you get all of your energy back soon!
A and L”
Then I got a message from Diego’s mom. Diego and Manny’s families traveled home together.

“Hi Jennifer – thanks so much for everything yesterday. We made one stop for food and bathrooms (humans and puppies). The boys slept the rest of the trip. They woke up while we were in slow traffic through downtown Seattle and let us know they were ready for the trip to end,  but stayed calm the rest of the way home.

Diego fell asleep about 9, woke up just before 3am to potty and then slept until 7. No fuss at all. He’s been curious and playful all morning and now is sound asleep. We’re going to pick up his food (they had to special order it) and then Ginny and Manny are coming over for a play date.

They are such good puppies. All the socialization and training you did with them really shows and is giving them a great foundation.

We start puppy kindergarten soon!

Thanks again.”

And then she sent a video of their playdate.

And then there’s Summer, she’s been having fun with her new playmate, Indy. Well most of the time. I have to keep an eye on them since Indy is several weeks old and wants to play rough sometimes, grabbing on Summer’s ear. INDY!!

But most of the time they are doing well together. And have their times apart too as we continue potty and crate training.



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