The chocolate is still “soft”

What do I mean by “soft”. Well, four-week-old Cavapoos are kind of in their first fear period from my experience. (Yes, it’s normal for any puppy to go through fear periods). So these guys aren’t real brave and adventurous yet. They really want to stick close to “home” (which their puppy pen) and MOM!

But give them a week or even just a few days and they will be venturing out more and have more confidence to explore.

Today after taking pictures, trimming toenails, checking collars and weighing Amber’s babies we had a little time on the blanket on the floor to hang out together and let them explore if they wanted to. They ignored the toys and mostly wanted to stay near me or climb in my lap.

2# 8 oz

2# 13 oz

2# 11 oz


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