The Aussaliers and friends

Oakley’s babies turned four weeks old on Friday. They are such pretty puppies. In a way I’m sad that this will be Oakley’s last litter. She is an amazing mom, delivers her pups easily, bounces back from raising her litter with ease and has the cutest pups! But her “love” is just to be outside roaming the farm. She feeds the babies, cleans up after them, mothers them, then she wants a break. Please “out” she says in her own way. Sometimes it’s just to hang out with me in the kitchen and other times she wants out in the yard. So it’s time to give this girl her deserved “retirement”. A lot of our dogs go on to new retirement homes after they are finished with “parenthood” and adapt and adjust well to their new lives. Oakley will live out her days here. This is were she is happy and comfortable and I think adjusting to a new home (especially if it were in town) would be too much for her.

I’ve had several people reach out with interest in the Aussaliers. Most are people not on my list and a couple are people on my Cavapoo list. I should have some news soon about our matching list for this litter. So stay tuned if you are one of the interested ones.  (I’ll also be posting the current names I have on Amber and  Raven’s litter list. Remember is you are interested in being on a litter list for matching next weekend, I need you to reach out before noon on Friday!)

Here are the little darlings at four weeks of age.

Roper (male)

2# 13 oz

Maverick (male, both eyes are blue, although he may has a bit of brown in one)

2# 14 oz

Ryder (female)

2# 9 oz

Rodeo (male, mostly blue left eye and a speck of blue in the right eye)

2# 13 oz


After I had them out for a while playing on the blanket, I had a brainy idea to add the other two litters to the bunch. I laid out a couple more big blankets so the pups had room (and traction on the slippery floor). Then I got Amber’s three apricot Cavapoo pups and Raven’s five F1b Cavapoo pups and added them to the blanket.

Then waited to see what would happen! It was so fun to watch them start to interact or wander around. Some really started to roam around the big blanket and even off of it, while others were content to stay put and just soak in their surroundings and new friends. I can’t wait until they’re all old enough to really play together! We’ll probably have to use most of the puppy room as a play area with this many pups the same age. Won’t that be fun?!


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