Update times four!!

We love updates! Or as we sometimes call them pupdates. This one is extra special and is called a nut-date. Why? Well, Joy and Clancy had a previous litter that we had a “nut” theme for their names. And the whole gang kept in touch and now I’ve gotten this amazing update and pictures! The “nut” pup-parents thought it would be fun and helpful for the new pup parents that have been matched with Joy’s litter. How cool and thoughtful was that?!


Hi Jennifer,

Time has certainly flown by… can you believe our little nuts (Joy & Clancy) are already one?? Since puppy delivery day in October, our four families have actually stayed in touch via Instagram, so we thought it would be fun to send you a collective pupdate nutdate. Over the past 10 months we swapped tips, pics, and questions regularly as the pups grew and changed. Having that ‘virtual support group’ was clutch for all of us, and made for such a special puppy raising experience. We are so grateful for all your dedication to training, socialization, and for giving our puppies the best possible start!

All our best,

The Nut Parents

Louie (fka Macadamia) – Louie has certainly lived up to your original description as being “rambunctious”… and then some! He is the most fun-loving, energetic (!!), and goofy dood. His favorite things include running (at top speed only), snacking (more chimken pls), and snoozing (preferably atop our heads). We’ve been lucky to have many playdates with his sister Labong, and meet the crew of Seattle Pinewood families at various dog parks. It has been so fun and special watching Louie grow up over this past year!

Labong (fka Pistachio) – Labong has been such a joyous addition to my life and we’re just getting started! She’s the most social, fun-loving, and independent dog and I love getting to see her develop into her personality as the months go by. Her favorite things to do include playing chase with friends at daycare and the dog park, chasing rabbits and birds, and giving puppy dog eyes when hoomans are eating something tasty without her. We loved having playdates with her brother Louie and can’t wait to meet more Pinewood Pups here in San Diego!

Cappy (fka Cashew) – Cappy is the best thing that happened to us in 2020! Our “Happy Cappy” loves the beach, the park, and her favorite place of all is our laps. We are always getting stopped at places asking what kind of dog she is because of her adorable face and sweet nature. She’s gone on several trips with us, both driving and flying and is the easiest and best travel companion. Hopefully one day we can travel to meet up with her siblings!

Zoe (fka Pecan) – Zoe has been the silliest, best addition to our family! The puppy that started as the shyest of the litter now can’t get enough attention – from humans and other animals – anywhere we go! She adjusted quickly to the busy, loud streets of NYC, and tries (unsuccessfully) to befriend the pigeons we see on our walks. We often get compliments on how beautiful and sweet she is, and would absolutely love to get a Pinewood presence going here on the east coast!

<3 <3 <3 <3

Just for fun here are their picture at the same age as our current Joy pups.

They’re all so cute!

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4 Responses to Update times four!!

  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    Beautiful beautiful dogs. TO ZOE’S PARENTS: I live in MA with a Pinewood Cavapoo, and go to NYC several times a year as my son lives in Brooklyn. Maybe we could have a play date! And if you ever are in Nantucket look me up at Offshore Animal Hospital.

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    We hope to start a Pinewood Pups “chapter” here in southern Arizona soon!!!

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