Available puppies!

This is a special announcement for those who have been anxiously waiting to get one of our puppies. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST CAREFULLY. I am not reopening the list just yet, BUT we will be taking a few applications ONLY for three of Raven’s F1b Cavapoo puppies that were not matched with anyone from our current Cavapoo waiting list and two of Oakley’s Aussalier puppies.  Please do not apply if you’re not interested in one of these puppies. This is NOT a mass reopening of the Cavapoo waiting list, yet.

I will only take new applications until 8:00 pm (Tuesday, September 14th). So anything after that will not be accepted.

I will not take any new applications from Canadian families because of border issues at this time. (So sorry, I dislike announcing that part, but I won’t match puppies if we don’t know for sure that they can get home).

These are the Cavapoo pups available. They are F1b, meaning their mom, Raven is a F1 Cavapoo (her parents were a purebred Poodle and purebred Cavalier) and she was bred to a purebred Poodle (Rumor). Typically in an F1b litter a percentage (usually less than half) will have a curlier Poodle-type coat and the rest will have a coat (wavy) like the F1 Cavapoo.

I have two tricolor (white with tan and black markings) boys, Holstein and Longhorn.

Holstein is the littlest pup and will probably stay small. My guess is he’ll be 10-12 lbs as an adult. He is outgoing and friendly, just a happy little pup. His wavy coat is more like an F1 Cavapoo.

Longhorn is next to the smallest pup in the litter but I think he will end up bigger than his brother. My estimate would be 14-16 lb range as an adult. He has the curlier Poodle coat and has a nice, friendly, playful disposition also.

And we have one girl available, Jersey the brown phantom parti (or otherwise known as a brown tricolor).

Jersey is probably the most reserved, quiet pup of the bunch. She is just a couple ounces bigger than her brother, Longhorn and I’m guessing will be about the same adult weight. She also has the curlier, Poodle-type coat.

These Cavapoos are $2500 with a $500 (non-refundable) deposit to be paid within five days of being matched with a puppy. The family would need to be available to meet in Spokane on Sunday, October 3rd to pick up the pup. The balance needs to be mailed by check and received by me a week before puppy delivery or brought in cash the day of pick-up.

We also have two unmatched Aussalier puppies available.

Our tricolor boy, Roper. He is a sweet, playful puppy who should mature in the 18-20+ lbs range.

Our other available boy is Rodeo, a blue merle. He also is a nice puppy and will make someone an excellent companion.  He is the same size as Roper and probably mature in the same size-range.

Our Aussaliers are $2200 with a $500 deposit and also will be ready to go home on October 3rd. The balance needs to be mailed by check and received by me a week before puppy delivery or brought in cash the day of pick-up.

If you are interested in being considered for any of these puppies please carefully fill out part 1 and part 2 of our Puppy Application forms, consecutively. In the answer box for “What are you looking for in a puppy” please write which puppy (or puppies) you’re interested in. The more info that you share on your forms the more helpful it wil be to me in finding the right home for each puppy. I likely will receive more applications than the amount of puppies that are available, so the information will help me decide who is the best fit for each puppy. A submitted application is not a guarantee that you will be matched with a puppy.

Adoption Form-part 1

Adoption Form-part 2

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  1. Ramona Hamline says:

    Are any male cavapoos still available?

  2. Sherrell Blois says:

    I would love to get on a list for a female blue merle aussilear. Is this possible?

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