This is cool and timely! I got an update (pupdate) from one of our families that has an F1b Cavapoo puppy from Raven’s past litter. She has the curlier coat, and she’s absolutely gorgeous. So now you can see the potential “look” of what Raven’s pups may look like as adults. (Remember Jersey and Longhorn are the only two with the curlier coat in this current litter.)

“Hey Jennifer-

I have been meaning to write you and update you on Lucy, formerly known as Wren, who is almost 18 months old now. Since you have another litter with pups similar in color to Lucy we thought it might be fun for some of the people waiting to get these pups to see how cute they are as they get older.

We are in LOVE with this pup! She has the funnest personality and she gets along with every person and dog she meets!  If anyone lays on the ground she immediately smothers their face in kisses. She is super smart…sometimes too smart for us, and picked up on training so well. She is a cuddler and often sleeps curled up next to someone. If you rub her adorable spotted belly you have made a friend for life!

Lucy has a lot of poodle in her with long legs and tight curls under her chin and on her head. Her coat is really soft and fluffy and her giant black spot feels like velvet! Every time we get her groomed we see more adorable black spots on her coat and her belly is pink with black spots. She has stopped growing and weighs in at 14lbs.

So many people ask us where we got her and we of course tell them about this amazing breeder in Washington. As far as I can tell, just from listening to the experience’s of others who have dealt with breeders, you go above and beyond to take care of the pups and give them the very best start possible.

We are so grateful that we found you and decided to get our pup through you! Lucy is the first dog I have ever had and now I can’t remember life before her! Thank you again and again for caring so much about your animals and giving so much of your time and energy to them. We know several other people who have Cavapoo’s but they aren’t nearly as happy and social as Lucy is. Your care has truly made a difference!

Below is a picture of Lucy just two weeks ago at a park with us. The second picture is this goofy dog having a stand off with a tomato. She grabs them from the garden and then just lays down and stares at them. She has no interest in eating them, just likes to stare them down. Just one of her many quirky, adorable character traits!

Hope all is well with you and your family. I am so glad you are on the mend after you bout with COVId and then the fires! We pray for your family often.

Have a wonderful day!
Tiffany and Travis”


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  1. Diana Vigneau says:

    She is gorgeous. A real keeper

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