Check-ups and the craziness of life!

Yesterday Joy’s pups went in for their check-ups. They rode quietly in the truck the whole way there. Unfortunately someone got carsick and it appeared from the looks of Ashes wet, stringy hair on her shoulders that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when her sibling lost their lunch! There was no food in the crate when I got to the vet’s so apparently it got “recycled”. Lol (Sorry if I grossed some people out, but in a word….PUPPIES!)

I was able to go in with them. Unfortunately I didn’t get as many pictures are usual because I was busy holding pups as the doctor did her exam or if there was a tech there to help (she was in and out of the room), I was filling out paperwork for puppies. (And if you see two different doctors in the pics that because Dr Jes. did the first three pups then had to go take care of something else the I distracted her with and Dr Jessie did the last three pups. Dr Jessie just had her baby three weeks ago and bonus for me, I got to see her adorable new baby boy while I was there! <3 There’s nothing like a seeing a newborn chubby baby to make your day….but I digress.)

The pups were so quiet and good as they had their temperature taken, mouths looked at, knees manipulated, hearts listened to and all the other things that went into the exam.

When we were all done, they had a bit of a break in the back of the truck to relieve their little bladders. Then it was back in the truck with a drink of water for the ride home. I waited until we were home and not moving to feed them a belated dinner.


And just a life update because some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted many videos or pictures the last few days? I apologize for that! I know you want to see puppies!

Last Thursday and Friday I took a trip to the coast and got to see my kiddos and granddog (more on that later). (And not to worry, if I’m gone hubby is here taking care of things.) Saturday was my “rest” day from the craziness of life. Sunday we had puppy matching and as many of you know didn’t match all the pups so we posted a blog and started accepting a few applications just for the available puppies. Monday I had Joy’s puppies vet appointment (anytime I have to go to town it’s a half day adventure, at best). Today was “supposed” to be my day at home to finishing matching puppies and put together puppy packets for Joy’s pups. That’s still my plan, but last night I noticed Clancy has an issue with his bum and now he has a vet appointment for this afternoon. Wednesday I have an appointment in Spokane. Thursday I am home..yippee! And Friday will be my third trip to the vet this week but with the horse which I scheduled weeks ago. Saturday I’ll be off and then Saturday night it’s time for puppy baths. Then we leave early Sunday morning to Spokane again to deliver Joy’s pups to their excited families.

This isn’t a cry for sympathy . It’s just my crazy life which I chose and love (most of the time:P) and an explaination why you haven’t seen a lot of posts or if I’m late responding to your message or email.

But the puppies are all doing amazing!

I had Raven and her pups downstairs a while longer because they are smaller and I didn’t want them getting “lost” in a larger puppy pen. They are upstairs now. It makes clean-up, feeding and all that so much easier when they’re all in the same room!

The “littles” (Raven’s, Oakley’s and Amber’s) are all using their litter boxes well, getting used to sleeping a crate, enjoying their playtimes and just getting bigger and more adorable.

The big kids (Joy’s) are continuing on with crate training, play sessions and just being the stinking’ cute puppies they are!

**For those who sent an application in in hope’s of adopting one of our available puppies, I will be matching them today! I have many more applications then puppies available so unfortunately not everyone will get a puppy. And I have several people that are interested in a couple of the same pups. (Jersey has been the most popular because more people want girls) Also lots of people are wanting “a quiet, mellow Cavapoo”and Raven’s pups are all very wiggly, friendly and outgoing. I don’t know that any are “mellow”. But I’ll do my best to get the right pups matched with the right people.**

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