Oh goody

I say that with sarcasm.

It snowed here yesterday and through the night. Lots of snow. And yes, we did get some a week or so ago but it all melted. And this may too. Who knows. But it’s at least six inches of powdery, white stuff. It’s gorgeous, I’ll admit. But also makes chores a whole lot hardier and take longer. And the dogs are a mess every time they come back in from a potty break. Which makes the house a constant mess.

Florida is sounding better and better every minute! ;P

Just kidding! I love the four (or so) seasons we have; Winter, Mud, Spring, Summer, Fire, Fall. 😛

I just have to grumble a bit when the first snow arrives every year until I settle into the “new normal” for that season.

I mean you have to admit, everything is much prettier covered in snow.

And the silly dogs seem to enjoy it too!


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6 Responses to Oh goody

  1. Staci Garrison says:

    So pretty!

  2. Diana Vigneau says:

    Just love those little snowball bracelets. 🐶 Love love love the snow, but yes it is tiring for sure.

  3. Dee says:

    I’m in FL and it was 81 degrees today but felt much warmer. There really is no change of seasons here, in my area. It’s tiring being in the blasted heat ALL the time, unless you stay inside with air conditioning. I would love to live where there’s a change of seasons and weather, and then maybe spend winters in FL. I know right about now, for those that get snow, FL sounds like the “promise land”. Just remember our seasons are Hot, Hotter, Hurricane Season from May through November and then we get less Hot. LMBO 🤣 You know, the grass is always greener. However, I would love for you to move closer. 😉

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