The Puppy Room

Well, it’s all done! The Puppy Room got a face lift and I love it!

It all started after the last of our summer puppies went home. Hubby went upstairs and took down the four big puppy pens and took them outside to pressure wash and deep clean them. Then he decided to repaint the floor. (We just have a plywood subfloor up there that we paint over occasionally.

So he grabbed some white paint at the store and redid the floor. And then I went upstairs to check things out. “Hun, why did you paint it a flat white? It should be a glossy finish for easy cleaning. Oh, and now that the floor looks so clean the walls really do need repainting don’t they?” And that’s how we work. I throw suggestions out and he does the manual labor 😛 hehe

So back to town we went for some light yellow paint for the walls and to find some glossy floor, deck or patio paint. They didn’t have white in the kind we thought would be the most durable, so we chose a light bluish-green color. You know, nursery colors. Puppy “nursery” colors.

I found some cute wooden letters at Hobby Lobby and he painted them the same color as the floor.

Then I thought it would be fun to hang some dog or puppy prints on the walls next to the window and under our new letters. But instead of just buying a random print, I decided to print my own posters with pictures of some of our Pinewood Pups.

We also added a short Iris pen along the wall where the puppies normally play to keep them from digging at and destroying the sheetrock.

On the one side of the room are the four big puppy pens set up, clean and ready when we need them. (And an extra coffee table I need to find a place for).

On the opposite wall are the wire crates for puppy training and where Hope sleeps at night. And some of the bigger toys set on top as that’s about the only place they will fit.

Next to them is a new shelving unit that I ordered and hubby assembled. All the toys have been cleaned and organized in totes. The top shelf holds empty litter boxes and potty pads. The next shelf holds Snuggles the snake and Dino the dinosaur with some puzzles and “talking” toys. Next is the biggest tote with larger toys and a small metal garbage can with Hope’s “diet” food. And lastly, the bottom shelf has three totes with various smaller toys.

And at the end of that wall near the top of the stairs where we enter the room are a big cabinet and a dresser which house beds, blankets and other supplies. And my nifty Costco kitchen cart which serves as a table to weigh, groom or administer dewormed to the puppies. The self underneath holds wipes, dewormer and other small supplies that are used more often. The cart has wheels also so I can easily move it around the room and use where needed.

And you can see there’s another poster at this end of the room. Yes, that’s baby Winter.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the revamped Puppy Room! (I’ll have a video tour up on our YouTube channel too for anyone interested).


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  1. Dee says:

    You guys did a good job, it looks great! 🤩

  2. No wonder the puppies are so well-adjusted! You both do an incredible job in the “HeadStart” playroom. Looking forward eagerly to the next litter announcements!

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