Yummy chips!

I’m so please with how Sasha and Asher’s first litter is progressing. They are very happy, friendly puppies. And so stinking’ adorable!! Oh my goodness I’m in love. <3

They’ve just turned four weeks old and are nibbling at mom’s soaked food, using their litter box and getting playful and very interactive!

They seem to be targeting to end up a bit smaller then say the Gracie/Clancy pups. The body structure and bone size seems a bit more “petite” than our other litters of red/apricot pups we’ve had. Of course this is just a hunch and there is never a guarantee on size. And since this is the first litter for both parents we have no past litters from them to compare too. But that’s my feeling at this point.

Fritos and Pringles are the smallest of the bunch and definitely have a smaller build so I’m guessing they will end up as small adults. Just guessing (because it’s too early to really tell) but I would say 12-14 lb range. And I’m guessing the others may be more in the 15-18 lb range. As I mentioned though this is a total guess by what I’m seeing at this age. By eight weeks we’ll have a better estimate on adult weight for this litter.

Here they are at four weeks of age with weights.

The boys…

Doritos (2# 3 oz)

Cheetos (2# 6 0z)

Fritos (1# 13 oz)

The girls…

Ruffles (2# 2 oz)

Pringles (1# 13 oz)

And a couple of adorable group pics

The boys

And the girls

Exploring a bit..

Pringles decided to nap instead of explore.

Lap dogs!

Just a reminder that we will be matching these puppies with their forever families this Sunday, November 28th.

If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and are interested in possibly being matched with one, you have until Friday at noon to email me. As a reminder, these pups go home on Sunday, December 19th

These are the only names from our official Cavapoo waiting list that I have so far that have expressed interest in this litter. If more people don’t reach out, I will be accepting a few applications to finish matching these pups. I will post something Sunday or Monday “if” we need more applications. (The waiting list is not officially open quite yet so please do not fill out an application at this point. Wait for more news, please).

  • Logan R
  • Sharon T
  • Maralee H

Would those three people please be on the lookout for an email or call from me (maybe even Friday or Saturday night). Thanks!


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