I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for each one of our puppy families, blog followers, our wonderful dogs, family and friends. And the so many blessings God has given us. We had a nice holiday with family and some church friends. <3

I have a Thanksgiving “story” to tell you.

Thanksgiving eve, Cajsa was outside barking and barking. Her “ferocious” bark like coyotes were howling or something was close by.

So I stepped out on the front porch to call her and check on things. Zuma was sound a sleep on Ben’s bed, then Cajsa came around the corner. Where’s Cody, I thought. He’s usually right here?

And then I saw movement behind my truck. (The porch light is burnt out on that side and I didn’t see him at first). It was Cody wiggling at me from a sitting position. Like, “I’m over here, mom. But I don’t want to get up.” Strange. He is usually at the door as soon as I walk out. This boy is the wiggly-est, moving-est, bounciest dog around and like velcro to me. So it was very uncharacteristic of him not to come to me immediately.

I walked towards him, as thoughts of … “did he get chomped on by the coyotes” and that’s why he’s not getting up ran through my head? Many dogs and other animals are injured on the hind quarter by coyotes as they are trying to get away.

But when I reached him and felt around there were no wounds. But he did not want to get up. And when I manually stood him up, he sat right back down again. I scooped him up and carried him into the garage where the guys were working, the wood stove was warming and the lights were on so I could look him over better.

I stood him up again and he took a few awkward steps forward. It was obvious his back end was uncomfortable for some reason.

I went in the house and call the vet’s after-hours number (of course it was after hours!) We chatted a bit as I explained the situation. We decided to give him an hour and watch him to see if there was any improvement. I hated to take him in right away if it wasn’t anything major but hated to wait overnight and interrupt everyone’s Thanksgiving.

I went back to the garage to talk with the guys to see if they had seen anything. And found out hubby had been outside getting firewood “about an hour ago” and had noticed Cody just “sitting” on the porch. (Remember Cody is usually moving).

Well that was enough for me. If he’d been like this for at least an hour with no change, I wasn’t going to wait any longer to take him in. It would  be almost 8:00 before I’d get to the vet at this point anyway.

So off we went!

As I drove the hour+ drive, I mulled over the different possibilities and scenarios of what might have happened. We have a hot wire fence around the horse pasture, but there is one place around behind the barn where the dogs can easily sneak under the fence. Did he go in and get kicked by the horse? The only outsider that came into our driveway that day was the FedEx guy. Did he accidentally hit or run over Cody? NO! Our guy comes in and knows we have dogs. He gives them cookies. He would’ve said something. (But I had to run every possibility through my mind trying to figure this mystery out). Was Cody jumping and playing with the other dogs and just land wrong and strained something?

Dr King looked him over really well. Then we agreed that an x-ray would be in order. Thankfully the X-ray came back clear. Pelvis was fine, hips good, nothing out of the ordinary. Cody was very stoic and calm as he was examined. The only “clue” we had was a slight turn of his head as the doctor felt along his lower spine. That was it. No definite diagnosis. So we left with pain meds and some drugs to keep him calm and quiet as he rested and recuperated.

I’ve kept him crated except for short potty breaks and given him his meds (pain, anti-inflammatory, etc) since our vet visit. Today was the first day I let him hang out with his “friends” (Cajsa, Zuma and Ben) and he acts like he’s completely fine and feeling good.

So thankful!

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4 Responses to Thankful

  1. Claudia Knauss says:

    We’re thankful that Cody seems AOK – that had to be scary! – and thankful for all the big dogs do to protect the puppies, mommies & daddy doggies, and your family. Way to go Cody, Ben, Cajsa and Zuma!

  2. Dee says:

    Yes, so thankful he’s doing well. I agree with Claudia; so grateful you have the big guys around. 🙏🏻

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