The last week

I can’t believe Gracie’s puppies are already seven weeks old and we’re starting the last week with them here! Time sure flies with some litters!

The last week is usually packed with things to do and learn.

Puppies did a little barrier challenge with a reward of some yummy, fragrant canned puppy food (a new taste). Little challenges are good for puppies to help their problem solving skills. If we start with an easy one, puppy can figure it out and not get too frustrated. You can see in the picture that the bowl is placed at the end of the wire divider. Puppy is placed on the other side of the divider from the bowl. And then it has to figure out how to get to the bowl. This seems almost too simple because all they have to do is step around the end of the divider. Next time we’ll move the bowl farther in so puppy has more of a challenge.

And a little treat to make it more fun.

They are getting used to being in a crate. And we’re using the wire and the plastic ones so they get used to either kind. Here they are hanging out in the kitchen while I work on some things.

The had seven-week-old pictures done. Aren’t they sooo cute?!

Ann @ 7 weeks (5# 6oz)

Andy @ 7 weeks (5#)

Here they are meeting all the big dogs.

We’re also working on the start of resource guarding preventative. The new owners will get information sent home with them to keep up this and other training too.

And the last week is when they go in for their vet check-ups and health certificates and get their first puppy vaccination. Whew! It’s going to be a busy week for these two cuties!


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