Play time

As the puppies become more independent and mom wants more time to herself, puppies have more time to themselves. They are really enjoying their little play area. And also doing good at using the litter boxes. Every once in a while someone misses, but for the most part they are hitting them!

They’re eating breakfast together in their crate with the door shut as I clean up things in the morning. As the days progress we’ll split them until into two crates and then eventually they’ll each be eating in their own crate before they head to their new homes in ten days.

Wow! Only nine more days with these little dolls!

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4 Responses to Play time

  1. Allison Bowden says:

    Wow they are so precious!!

  2. jonnastar6 says:

    The forever home for these little darlings will be forever changed for the better! What a Happy Christmas they all have in store!

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