A busy day!

Yesterday Sasha’s pups went to the vet for their check-ups.

Hubby helped me load them in the truck. He thought this was a great way to carry the third puppy since his hands were full (and I had the other two)!

They were one of the happiest bunches of puppies to visit the vet. When the doctor was holding them close to listen to their hearts and respiration they happily wagged their tails and licked her face. It was the cutest thing! Although it might have been a little more difficult for her, she laughed and didn’t mind the puppy kisses!

“Where are we?”

“I’m blind! I can’t see! What happened?!”


“Get off my head, brother!”

“Let me sing the song of my people….Oooo!”

“Aren’t we cute mom?”

Kisses, kisses!“Oh, I like this person”

“I’ll just lay her while she listens to the pitter-pat of my we wittle heart”

” I love Dr Jessie.”

“she needs more kisses”

“You missed a spot brother so i’z going to clean her face better.” (Cheetos)

“I need to kiss this spot too.”

“I’m going to clean this face covering for her!” (Fritos)

Snuggles (Ruffles)

“Mom, what is she doing back there?”

“She does taste good you guys!”👅

And then after we finished up we went out to the truck for a quick potty break.

And we picked up an extra passenger! Scruffles McConehead Wood, my granddog. (I think he got his “full” name when he was neutered and had to wear the cone of shame…lol).

#1 son and my DIL drove from the west side of WA to Spokane on Monday because they were flying out early Tuesday morning to visit her family in Brazil for a couple weeks. So Scruff stayed with #2 son. (#1 & #2 are twins. My DIL calls her husband’s twin “uncle daddy”. “Scruffles you’re staying with Uncle Daddy for the night”. hehe…I mean they do look a lot alike even though they’re only fraternal twins).

But #2 son and my other DIL are leaving for Christmas vacation and they’re both working a lot before they leave so he drove up to the vet’s today to give me Scruffles.

I had to make a couple short stops in town after the vet. One was to get a hot drink to warm me on this cold day and since I felt sorry for Scruffles cause I know he misses his paw-rents, I ordered him a pup-cup!

By the time we reached home it was dark out. Hubby had set the exercise pen up right off the front porch so the puppies could go potty. They were all happy to get out of their crate and relieve themselves.

Then we went inside and they ran around the living room for a minute before going back upstairs for some playtime until bed.

It was a busy day but they were little troopers!




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4 Responses to A busy day!

  1. Cheryl McKee says:

    This batch of cute snacks is beyond adorable. 💕💙💕💙them. Lucky families to have their snacks arriving soon. 🤣

  2. Amber Kellner says:

    Quite a bunch of personalities! Happy, happy little group!

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