They’re here!

Glory had puppies! And she kept me up pretty much all night 😛

Monday morning her temperature was down, although not as low as I’ve seen some go. But it was lower than she had been. But I told her she couldn’t have puppies on Monday or Wednesday because I already had appointments scheduled. ;P

She listened. She started getting restless Monday night. And then started having contractions late; probably 10:30-11:00ish that night. But it was a long drawn out process. I almost called the vet around 1:00 am since nothing was appearing and I thought maybe we had a stuck pup. But after checking her a couple times I could tell that a puppy was making its way down the birth canal.

Finally at 1:35 am a big (9.8 ounce) beautiful black and tan girl arrived.

And then it was almost another hour and a half before number two made its appearance. And each pup bigger than the last. It’s no wonder it was an all night delivery process.

Number two arrived at 2:50 am. A flashy tricolor girl. She was 9.8 ounces!

Then at 4:00 am we had our one and only boy, a black and tan weighing a whopping 10 ounces!

Poor Glory was exhausted and after making sure puppies were well loved and licked and nursing she dozed off to sleep snoring.

I finally went to bed about 4:30. (Hopefully not snoring as loud as Glory).

The new little family is doing well. Glory is an attentive and loving mom. And the first morning the pups were all up in weight to 9.8, 10.4 and 11 ounces!

These puppies will be matched to their forever homes on Sunday, January 23rd and will be going home the day on Sunday, February 13th.

If you are on our Cavapoo waiting list and the timing is right and you are interested in getting on this litter’s list for possible matching, please email me and I will add you to the litter list.

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