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I’ve had a lot of people reach out and ask what might be coming up or what plans we have for the next batch(es) of puppies. Well, all I can tell you is what’s in the works. I have a general idea of when a girl may come in season and be ready to be bred, but they never go by the book so it can be unpredictable.

What I can tell you is that Sky and Dickens have been bred and she is pregnant. These will be all Blenheim F1 Cavapoo puppies due about mid-February.

Past pups…(Sky has blue eyes and we usually get one puppy in her litter with blue eyes)

Winter, a Sky & Dickens puppy we kept ❤️

Several weeks after Sky was bred we had two girls come in at the same time! So there is the potential to have two litters at almost the same time. We will not know for about a month if these girls are pregnant though. They will both be F1b Cavapoo litters.

Raven was bred to Rumor again. They make the cutest black and white, tricolor, brown phantom and brown phantom parti F1b Cavapoos pups!

And their past puppies…

And lastly, our sweet Sally who is in a guardian home with my sister-in-law has been bred to Bonus. Since this is her first litter we don’t know what they will produce together. She is apricot and Bonus is a tricolor (although is father is apricot) so it will be fun to see what colors they produce together. By the way, Sally’s puppies would be fourth generation Pinewood pups! They are actually Clancy’s great-grandpups!



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  1. Miao Yeh says:

    Exciting news!

  2. Claudia Knauss says:

    So many more lucky furever families will result from all these exciting pairings! Congratulations to all the gorgeous mommies and daddies!

  3. avani says:

    Does this mean your waitlist will open again? 🙂

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