Holding my breath

I took Joy’s temperature as usual Wednesday night. It didn’t indicate impending whelping so I put her to bed in her crate and laid down on the couch next to her.

Her restlessness woke me a bit after  3:00 am. I thought she might need to go out to potty so I got up and let her out. She pottied, came back into her crate and we both proceeded to go back to sleep, sort of. From then on she was not only restless but whining. It was apparent that labor had started.

I lightly dozed on and off through her groans and whines, getting up to check her on and off to see if something was actually happening.

Then a little before 5:00 am when I checked it was obvious that the first pup was about to make its appearance into the world; backwards. It was a blenheim boy.

About twenty minutes later a gorgeous ruby was born. Another boy.

Then about a half an hour later the third pup was born, another blenheim B.O.Y.

I mean I love boys. I have three sons. I love my boy dogs. My horse is a gelding (boy). I’m surrounded by boys!

But the whole point of breeding Joy & Asher was to keep some daughters from Joy to continue this line of amazing Cavaliers before she retires.

Thoughts were rumbling through my head “I’m going to be so upset if I don’t get any girls!” “I don’t need any boy Cavaliers”. And then my thoughts changed gears, “nope, I’m going to be thankful for any healthy puppies I get”.

Almost two hours after the third boy, the fourth pup appeared and man, was it a flashy blenheim! But the cord was still attached closely so the puppy was stuck up against mom and I couldn’t tell the gender. Finally she gave a push and the puppy and sack dropped out on the bed. IT.WAS.A.GIRL! God had just presented me with the prettiest little blenheim girl puppy and boy, was I thankful! She’s a keeper for sure.

Mom went outside for a potty break and I could feel at least one more puppy in her abdomen. I was hoping for another girl, but true to form at the Wood house, number five, another blenheim boy arrived about an hour after his sister.

So here they are, our first litter of purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in over five years. Part of the next generation of Pinewood Cavapoos. <3



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12 Responses to Holding my breath

  1. Claudia S Knauss says:

    Boy Oh Boy!!!! Can’t wait to hear what you name that girl! “Cheer” “Hurray!” “Precious” ?

  2. Christina says:

    What a gorgeous litter!

  3. Judy Taormina says:

    Congratulations! I so happy you got your beautiful Princess!!! The boys are all adorable too! I follow you faithfully and have learned so much from your site. My name is not on your list. I have a cavapoo who brings joy and laughter each day.

    Do you have any tips on maintaining healthy weight. I confess my pup 18 months is about 4 pounds over where she should be. Her mother was 18/sire 11pd. Maggie is 21pds. I take ownership for POSSIBLY GIVING TOO many treats!!! Tips please???

    • Just because she weighs more than her parents doesn’t mean she’s overweight. But if she is a bit chubby I would try more walks and give her veggies as a snack instead of dog treats. Green beans are high in fiber and filling. 👍

  4. Brandon Madden says:

    Beautiful litter, congrats!!

  5. Laurie Weckel says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer! So glad for you!

  6. Diana+Vigneau says:

    They are truly beautiful. Every last one of them!

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