Time flies

It’s amazing to think that we’ve had these gorgeous pups in our home for eight weeks already! What started out as little lumps of black, tan and white fur have turned into active, silly, adorable puppies who are ready to head off on their next adventure; a life with their forever families!

But first, we have to finish out this week with them. It’s a busy one for sure. We continuing to work on crate training, exposing them to different sights, sounds and smells, taking them outside for potty breaks and fun in the snow (and hopefully sun), spending more time with the other adult dogs, playing, sleeping, adventuring and such!

Tomorrow we go for their vet visit, so they’ll have lots of time in the crate and learning to ride quietly in the truck. Potty breaks during the day will be in the litter box in the back of my truck. Because puppies are not fully protected from Parvovirus and distemper until they’ve had their last booster shot at sixteen weeks of age, we have to be careful where we let them walk, sniff and potty. When we go to town we are able to do that safely using the litter box.

They’ve been spending some time in the soft carrier too. Because some of our pups fly home with their owners in a soft carrier, it’s nice to expose them to one before the day they head home.

And here they are for their eight-week-old “portraits”

Merry~5# 8 oz

Bright~5# 15 oz

Jolly~5# 14 oz


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