Six weeks old

Lyric’s little cuties are all matched up with their new families! They are growing up and having so much fun.

Today we did weights, toenail trims, six-week-old pictures and changed their ribbons to “real” collars. They’ll get another dose of dewormer with a ‘cheese chaser’ later today.

Blanche~2# 5 oz

Sophia~2# 6 oz

Rose~2# 3 oz

Stan~2# 13 oz

Dorothy~2# 8 oz

They’re enjoying their playtimes and having “neighbors” but love best when mom comes to see them. Lyric and Sage are both spending more and more times away from the babies, but of course check on them often. The babies are still nursing and also good at chowing down on their soaked kibble.


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  1. Manu Caiafa says:

    Sweet puppies!

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