A long day

Yesterday was check-up day at the vet for Glory’s puppies. And Glory was due for her check-up so she went too.

In fact, once the puppies were loaded in the truck and we were heading down the road, I didn’t hear a peep out of them. Glory was a different story. She whined on and off pretty much the whole drive. She wanted in with her puppies. I had two crates in the back seat, one for her and one for the pups. They both had blankets over them for warmth so she couldn’t see the babes but she could smell them. But she survived and they stayed quiet believe it or not.

Glory went in first for her check-up and was such a good girl. Everything checked out fine, except she is going back in for a dental cleaning soon.

Then it was the pups turn to get the head to toe exam. They were so good!

Merry’s turn

Bright’s turn (I hope she doesn’t see this picture 😉 )

Jolly’s turn

I’m not the only one that spoils them.

After we were finished, and while the gals were getting my paperwork organized, I took the pups to the back of the truck where their litter box was for a potty break before we hit the road.

I’ve been driving trucks for many years and always wished (especially in winter) that we had a canopy. Well, we finally doled out a “chunk of change” and got one for the Ram. Now I can haul things without worrying about rain, snow, etc ruining it. I used to stack bags of dog food in my back seat, plus groceries and whatever else I was bringing home from town if it looked like rain.

What I didn’t consider with a canopy was accessing puppies when they’re in the back for potty breaks. I can’t climb over the side anymore.

Yesterday at the vet, I just left the tailgate down, blocked part of the opening with the crate and stood there to keep them from diving off the tailgate. I messaging my hubby because he’s a good problem solver and asked if there was something we could put across the back to contain the puppies where I could still see them and what they were up to.

Do you know what he suggested?

“Yeah, it’s called a tailgate. Close it”

*sigh* Thanks honey. That was so helpful…*insert eye roll. I guess if I was over six feet tall like he is that would work, but I can barely see over the closed tailgate.

So on puppy going home day we may all have to stand around the tailgate so we can watch puppies play and potty, while keeping them from running on the edge!

Anyways, the pups safely used the potty box and we loaded back up and headed toward home. I had a few short stops to make and they quietly waited in their crate in the back seat while I made my stops. Around dinner time, I fed them in the crate too.

It was a long day, but they got some good crate and driving experience and did amazing!

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6 Responses to A long day

  1. Dee says:

    Jenn, check into what’s considered an air gate/tail gate. There’s many different styles, I’m sure you’ll find one to suit your needs. Good luck. 👍🏻

  2. Jamie says:

    Cargo net!

  3. Love the way your’e always thinking about, “While I’m getting this done, how can I help the puppies learn something new?” Great picture of mom Glory, and isn’t that one with the code showing how Jolly is getting Microchipped? So important for safety! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into yet another day in the life of a Pinewood Pup!

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