Designated chore helper

Puppy training and socializing are vital elements in a puppy’s life to start him on the road to being a “good dog”.

In my effort to help these pups get used to things, I decided to have a “designated chore helper” each day which would give them exposure to some different things, acclimate them to the soft carrier (as some will be flying home with their families) and give them time away from their littermates.

So Merry went first as we started on morning chores.

Soaked pellets for the older horse ready to go!

Bucket in one hand, puppy in the other.

Going for a ride to eat the old horse.

Another ride back to the barn.

Water for the big dogs.

Time to check on the chickens.

Waiting in line to get water for the chickens.

Merry “helping to carry the eggs.

And a cheese treat to finish off our chores. Good girl!

Next day it was Bright’s turn to be the chore helper.

Got our full bucket and our puppy.

Gracie wants her food.

Now to get the boys their hay.

Hay and puppy loaded up to take to Gracie.

Checking the horses’ water.

*Fun fact* We have three goldfish (Mick, Rod & Michael. They’re rockstars 😉) that have lived year round in our horse trough for about five years.

Topping off the horse trough.

Time to take care of the chickens.

Making sure the big dogs have plenty of water.

Treat time to reward her good job as designated chore helper.

Then it was Jolly’s turn to help.

Grabbing Gracie’s (the horse. Yes, we have a Gracie horse and a Gracie dog. What was I thinking. ) bucket. And there’s usually a load of dog laundry to get started in the washer.

Zuma checking the black bag.

Getting the boys their breakfast hay.

Loaded and ready to roll!

When we got back to the barn, the cats actually came down off their hay perch for a look at Jolly.

Chicken time!

Back to get them water.

Finally done and back inside for a treat!

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