Getting ready

This is our final week leading up to the arrival of our newest litters of puppies! Yes, litters. If you remember my earlier announcement both Raven and Sally are expecting F1b Cavapoo puppies!

Raven is a small Cavapoo and has had babies before so she is very round and full.

She got a bath last night and today I will be grooming her.

Sally on the other hand is a first-time mom and has a more athletic build. She hardly looks like she’s showing but her mom and dad can definitely feel and see a difference in her body shape. Just to be sure, we did another ultrasound on her yesterday and there are babies moving about. We wanted to make sure she didn’t have just one baby which can cause complications. One baby getting all the nutrients can grow big and make delivery difficult.

Sally got groomed not too long ago so her coat is a nice length and won’t need any grooming before the birth. Her paw-rents are monitoring her temperature at home for me. That way she can stay with them as long as possible. And since they live within walking distance of us, I’m sure they’ll be here frequently to visit once she comes to stay here for the delivery.

And one last item to share, Miss Gracie is with child…um, I mean, “with puppy”. She is due about one month after Raven and Sally. This will be Gracie’s last litter of Cavapoos. She has been a wonderful mother and a wonderful producer of gorgeous Cavapoos for us and its time for her to enter into “couch potato” status. We will be looking for a retirement home from Gracie after the pups are weaned and she has been spayed, probably around the end of July-ish. If you are interested in an adult Cavalier, please reach out to me via email and I will put you on our “interested” list.

All of our upcoming puppies will be matched with those already on our Cavapoo waiting list. Although we won’t start litter lists of those interested until after each litter is born and announced.

No other girls have been bred after Gracie. When I have more upcoming litter news, I’ll be sure to share it.

Looks like we’re going to have a busy spring and summer around here!

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