A chilly delivery

Yesterday I headed into Spokane with three Cavalier puppies; Heath and Twix who were meeting their new families and Kit Kat just for the socializing. Mars and Snickers stayed home with the Cavapoos were hubby was in charge of them. (Mars is still available if anyone is looking for or knows someone looking for a sweet, purebred Cavalier!)

They all traveled really well and were very quiet the whole ride there. We had time for a quick potty break before they went back in the crate for some brunch since they had breakfast at about 5:00 am.

While the puppies have their snack break I meet with the families and go over puppy packets, paperwork and health records. I know that if I hand out puppies first, that nobody will hear a word that I say! There would be too many cute distractions. So I torture them and make them wait while we go over the boring stuff. hehehe

And it was cold! Almost the middle of April and it snowed a bit at puppy delivery and later when I was driving home…crazy!

Twix, new name to be decided.

Heath, now Mica.

After we wrapped things up, I headed to my kids’ house for a quick visit.

My little passenger was now on her own.

But she did have Cajsa (my backseat shotgun rider) to keep her company. *Note to self* In the spring when Cajsa is blowing her coat (aka shedding) do not put her in the back seat of the truck. There is dog hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e! :O

Potty break and stretching the legs in their backyard.

Boot belly rub!

DIL is finishing up her second year of a  CNRA doctorate program. So proud of her! But she definitely needed a break from studying for some puppy cuddles. <3

Back on the road again. I made a few stops before we headed home. This girl hung out in her crate with hardly a whimper all day! Of course, she had potty breaks in the back of the truck where I keep a litter box, food and water breaks and toys in her crate.

Got home to quite the welcoming crew! Now if I could just teach them how to help carry groceries in!

Back at the puppy training this morning with the remaining puppies. And the start of another busy workweek as the Cavapoos have their vet appointment on Wednesday. And because of Easter Sunday we will be back in Spokane on Friday to hand them over to their new families!

If anyone is interested in Mars, I can meet in Spokane this Friday also along with the Cavapoos~


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