Another trip

Yesterday was another trip to the vet so Sky puppies could have their check-ups before heading home tomorrow. Normally our puppy delivery day is on Sunday, but as I mentioned this Friday worked better for everyone because of the Easter holiday.

They did amazing and got the “everything’s normal” clearance, plus extra cuddles. Mom, Sky also went along for her yearly check-up and is perfect except for a bit of tarter on her teeth that I need to work on.

Look how stressed out Romeo is about being at the vet’s office. 😉

And we had an extra passenger along. Sweet Glory woke up with an upset tummy and things coming out both ends that shouldn’t have! So I gave her a bath and brought her along too. She got an exam and some blood work but there was nothing out of the ordinary  between those things. So she got some medicine to settle her stomach and we’re keeping her on a bland diet for a few days. She’s already feeling better. She just was a bit confused why I didn’t feed her dinner last night. But we wanted her stomach to rest.

The pups did great with traveling in the crate, using the litter box in the back of the truck and even had a bit of dinner on the road home.

Once we got home I turned them loose in the garden so they could stretch their legs and got potty. Just about as soon as they hit that grass, each one stretched out to relieve their full bladders. Such good puppies to hold it on that long ride home in the truck.

They had fun romping around and playing a bit before it was time to go inside for the evening.


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  1. Deborah says:

    Oh goodness, they are just adorable. I love their coloring – what would you call their coats? Apricot? Blenheim? Just gorgeous!

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