Three weeks old

Raven’s F1b babies turned three weeks old today. They are growing and filling out so much! It’s time to move them into the puppy pen to give the family a bit more room. Raven already loves her “break” times away from the pups. Of course, if I’d have had seven babies at once, I’d need frequent breaks too!

Here they are getting settled into their new home. Usually the first day after moving to the bigger, open area, they are a bit fussier until they figure out their new space. But we’ve got a nice big bed taking up one side of the pen and the UGOdog litter box system on the other side. That way, when they get better at toddle-crawling they will move off their bed to potty and be right on top of the litterbox.

And their three-week-old pictures <3


1# 12 oz


1# 6 oz


14 oz


1# 12 oz


1# 3 oz


1# 8 oz


1# 6 oz



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