Sally’s puppy info

Just a reminder we will be matching Sally’s puppies this Friday so we will be taking names of those who are interested (from our waiting list) up until 9:00pm on Thursday.

We were debating between sending them home on May 29th or June 5th. 

BUT….I was reminded that I have a nephew graduating Memorial weekend (1000 miles away) and I really, really want to be there for this special event. So since I will have my in-laws lined up to do chores and look after things I would rather they not have to worry about watching an active bunch of eight-week-old puppies while we are gone.

So I’m hoping upon hope, that the families that are matched with Sally’s pups can do something out of the ordinary and meet me mid-week, on Wednesday to pick up their puppy. We have to head out on Thursday to make it to my nephew’s graduation. I know it’s kind of unconventional, but I’m hoping it will work.

The pups are really starting to engage with each other, although they are still much more comfortable playing in the puppy pen over out on the floor. As they mature, they will get more adventurous. But I can already see that Spoof is the most outgoing and more curious at this age. And Dupe is going to be a big boy! The girls are both smaller, with Ruse being the smallest of the litter.

 And if by chance the same thing happens as it did when we matched Raven’s pups and we have unmatched puppies we’ll post on the blog and they will be available to the general public. If you’re interested and not already, please sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any news or announcements. Puppies get scooped up pretty quickly.

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