A fun day!

Raven’s pups turned six weeks old today! They are all matched with their excited new families. Last night they sleep on their own without mom. They weren’t too happy at first but quieted down quickly. Mom just didn’t want to go in with them after the last potty break so she got to sleep in her own crate.

They had a grand adventure today when we went out to the garden. They had so much fund running around and exploring. But they would always come back and crawl into my lap. They are little love bugs and love attention!

Heading outside

Cavapoo Pointer!

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers.

“Pick me up, please”

“what’s that over there?”

A new person to visit!

What a doll!

Oh so handsome!

Off to explore.

Run, Willow, run!

And here are their “official” six-week-old portraits. I could hardly get them to hold still to take a pictures. Of course, it didn’t help that we shot these on the front porch with Cajsa, Cody and Zuma near enough to entice the puppies from their box!

Reed (3# 8 oz)

Fauna (2# 7 oz)

Willow (1# 12.6 oz)

Timber (3# 7 oz)

Fern (2#)

Branch (2# 15 oz)

River (3# 6 oz)



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