Exciting news!

We have our next confirmed pregnancy! And it’s extra exciting because it’s another first-time mom who’s a favorite around here.

It’s our own Cameo aka Cami! She has been bred to handsome Rumor.

This is an F1b litter. Within any F1b litter we will have a variety of coats from the curlier Poodle-type coat to the wavy F1 type coat. And we may see more size variations within the litter too, but you can count on the usual sweet, devoted, playful, energetic Cavapoo temperament.

Since these two have not had babies together it’s an educated guess on colors. But our likely possibilities are apricot, red, black or black and tan.

This litter is due around the first of June. We will not be starting a litter list until after the litter is born and we make an announcement on colors, genders, puppy matching and delivery dates.

Another fun fact about this litter, is we have all four grandparents of this litter here still! I think that’s pretty special.

So these pups are third generation Pinewood “family”.

I’m pretty excited to see what comes of this union. Especially since I’ve been waiting and waiting for Cami to come in season. For some reason her last one was over a year ago!



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  1. Katharine Harding says:

    So so happy to hear this news! We’ll be waiting eagerly for THE day!

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