Oh so Handsome!

Look at this big guy! Gracie’s boy, Handsome is four weeks old today. He favorite thing to do is eat, from mom of course. He’s nosed around in the food dish a bit, but mama’s milk is still is choice. And even if she just goes out to potty for ten minutes, he acts like she’s been gone all day and he dives into the milk bar as soon as she gets back! Silly guy. Maybe that’s why he’s already 3# 12 oz at four weeks of age!

He’s just so handsome with his big white blaze, thick, wavy coat and sweet personality. I can’t believe I only have one person on the list that has reached out with interest in him! Especially since this has always been the most requested color combination and I’ve had several people request summer puppies. This guy is about as close to a “summer” pup as we will get this year. The next pups due here (Cami’s F1b litter) won’t be going home until August.

Puppy snuggles

Hanging out with Auntie Hope❤️



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